The 2009 ACM North Central North America Regional Programming Contest was held on October 31, 2009. 

Students and coaches from all over the region arrived at Avery Hall to participate.  Since it was Halloween, Avery Hall was decorated in seasonal spirit!

introducing the contest introducing the contest
Dr. Riedesel introduces the contest to students and coaches on the morning of the event.

brunch before the contest brunch before the contest
After the orientation students are served brunch before the contest begins.

ACM Chapter volunteers and UNL staff made sure the event moved smoothly.

Students were eager to get started...

...and tackle the problem sets.

Student teams worked together throughout the day.

Students from many different colleges and universities were present to compete.

Contest day was Halloween this year, and in a show of spirit some students arrived in costume.

Solving the problems took time and a lot of concentration.

The pace increased as students attempted to finish as many problems as possible in the allowed time.

When time ran out, students finished up and met for dinner and the Awards Ceremony in Schorr Center.

The finalists for this event went on to Stockholm, Sweden to compete at the Internationals.

We wish them the best of luck!