The 2011 ACM North Central North America Regional Programming Contest was held on November 12, 2011. 

Students and coaches from all over the region arrived at Avery Hall as usual, to participate and hopefully qualify for the trip to Egypt for the International Competition.

Dr. Riedesel and Dr. Goddard welcome the arriving students and coaches.

In the morning, students listen closely about the contest rules, venue, and conditions.

Visiting coaches met with UNL staff as students reviewed their contest packets.

After orientation, brunch was served...which included a lot of pizza!

Student teams enjoy the meal while preparing to tackle the contest questions.

Student teams are given their problem set...

...and the contest begins.

Solving the contest problems set takes a lot of teamwork and concentration.

Contest judges review solutions from the third floor in Avery Hall.

As the day moved on, student teams worked diligently to solve as many problems as possible.

ACM student volunteers and UNL staff always have fun at the Programming Contest too!

Team coaches and visiting professors take a shot at the questions in the Math Resource Center.

After the contest, everyone convened to Schorr Center for dinner and the awards ceremony.

Students had a great time with refreshments and the evening reception.

Coaches were proud to see the awards given for all the hard work.

The finalists for this contest went on to Orlando, Florida to compete at the Internationals.  The original venue was Egypt, but that location was cancelled at the last minute.

We wish them the best of luck!