Driving to Lincoln is extremely easy. Lincoln is located just south off I-80. Take the DOWNTOWN Lincoln Exit (onto I-180) to get to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln main campus. If you are coming from either north or south of Lincoln, we recommend taking Highway 77. Use the map below.

Note: the City of Lincoln has upgraded the layout of N 10th Street in our area. Construction is now complete and features a 'round about' driving pattern. It is easy to navigate - while approaching the University on N 10th Street, simply remain in the right hand lane and turn right onto T Street, which will take you to stadium parking.


Parking & Contest Site

You can't miss the football stadium on your left as you enter downtown Lincoln on I-180. I-180 becomes 9th Street, one way south. Make your way over to 10th Street which is one way north (one block to the east.) You may park in the Stadium Parking Garage which is just between 10th Street and the stadium. Avery Hall is immediately southeast of the stadium and is marked as the old Chemical Engineering Building. Enter using the south door. See the Campus Map.


The Graduate
141 North 9th Street
Lincoln, Nebraska 68508
402 475-4011