The 2010 ACM North Central North America Regional Programming Contest was held on November 6, 2010. 

Students and coaches from all over the region arrived at Avery Hall to participate and tackle the challenges of the problem set!

Immediately, students read and familiarize themselves with the problem set...

...and attempt to find a speedy solution while Dr. Riedesel stops by for a visit.

As the contest progresses, teams that successfully solve a problem are awarded a balloon.

Many teams wore distinctive colored shirts to show their team affiliation and spirit.

As the day moved on and problems were solved, teams began to aquire a variety of balloons...

...and yet even more balloons!

Every year, the contest problems are challenging, and some are very difficult.

After the contest, the teams met in Schorr Center for dinner and refreshments.

Winning teams were given their awards from IBM Representative Steve Dale.

All the hard work pays off during the awards ceremony.

We wish the best of luck to all finalists as they head off to Harbin, China to compete at the Internationals!